FORMER Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins joined Colcot Primary School pupils, in Barry, to plant 12 trees on Tuesday, April 2.

Octopus Energy supplied the trees to the Barry school with the aim of promoting cleaner air and a greener environment in the local community.

Twelve pupils, from years five and six, planted the trees into what will be developed into a conservation area.

There are plans for the children to turn this into a sensory woodland experience.

Award-winning green energy supplier Octopus Energy has supplied 10,000 trees to more than 500 schools and community groups across the UK.

The initiative is part of its commitment to a cleaner, greener nation.

As a renewable energy supplier, it is the company’s mission to reduce harmful gas emissions.

Planting trees helps to increase absorption of harmful CO2 gases and improve local air quality.

Schools and community groups receiving trees were nominated by a representative or a member of the public following Octopus Energy’s open call.

Colcot Primary School applied to be part of the movement because its 300 pupils are all passionate about the environment in which they live and make a conscious effort to improve it wherever possible in daily life.

The planting will build on the current Meadow Club initiative that the children are involved in, which includes planting flowers, caring for bees and encouraging the wider community to get involved in other environmentally friendly initiatives.

Colcot Primary School head teacher, Nia Cule said: “The children are very enthusiastic about the environment and are excited knowing that they have trees to plant in the conservation area of the school”

CEO of Octopus Energy, Greg Jackson said: “I am delighted to see so many schools and community groups getting involved with planting trees.

“This is a fantastic way to build a cleaner, greener environment for the next generation.”