AS I write this column I look forward to our very first meeting as a Welsh Youth Parliament.

Though we have met regionally we have not had a full session yet.

A number of topics have been suggested for discussion and I chose to highlight the issue of Brexit and its future effect on Wales as the priority for debate.

Since we are on the eve of historical events that will greatly impact our country, it’s important that young people discuss its implications on future generations.

However, this month a number of children decided to voice their concerns regarding climate change by taking time off school to protest and draw our attention to what is after all the most important issue of all – the very survival of the planet.

While politicians in Westminster run in ever decreasing circles regarding our future relationship with the EU, they have failed to address the fact that we are not just on the verge of an environmental catastrophe, we are in the middle of one.

If we humans are to steer away from the event horizon of global warming then we must change the way we behave.

But are we prepared to change swiftly enough? Responsibility lies with us as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. But our governments too should be taking action by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy for a start.

Surrounded by water on three sides, Wales is well placed to be a net producer of renewable energy. The geosynthetic siltbag technology that is used in tidal lagoons was invented here in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Unfortunately, Westminster legislation prevents the Welsh Government from having any say in energy projects over 50 megawatts – which is tiny.

So instead of promoting these great schemes, we have in Barry an incinerator, which still hasn’t been subjected to the Environmental Impact Assessment that was promised us 18 months ago.

I was elected on a pledge to fight the incinerator and have called on the minister to conduct such an assessment before it can allow the plant to become operational.

Control over our natural resources is a must.

Give me clean air and green jobs over an incinerator any day.

Even a kid knows that…