PLAID Cymru will field Dennis Clarke as its candidate in Barry’s Court ward by-election on Thursday, April 11.

The casual vacancy arose after Richard Bertin resigned his Barry Town councillor role – citing family and work reasons.

Mr Clarke, raised in the Colcot, now lives off Court Road with with his wife Janet.

He is a qualified solicitor with more than 45 years’ experience of helping people with their problems, taking on authority and arguing their cases.

He has been providing free legal and tactical help to the Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) as part of the campaign against the Barry Biomass plant.

Mr Clarke said: “As a local resident, I want to increase the investment in the centre and east of Barry – bringing empty shops back into use.

“We can see too many of them closing and staying closed along Holton Road and Barry Road.

“Getting from Dyfan Road and Barry Road to the town centre has always been a problem.

“We would like to see the council build a new road from Barry Road to Gladstone Road once they’ve moved out of the Court Road Depot.

“That would end the rat-run through Hannah Street past Jenner Park Primary School, which would make it easier for drivers, safer for children and less frustrating for local residents.

“while fighting the incinerator, I’ve met a lot of good people in Barry who want to make this a better town to live in, and they deserve better from the politicians that they have had.

“At the recent Barry Town Council (BTC) budget meeting, I saw Labour and the Conservatives vote together for a 10 per cent increase in council tax, which landed on people’s doorsteps.

“Plaid Cymru are the only party who have consistently stood up and fought for what they know is right for Barry, on the side of the people they represent, and I have been impressed by their honesty and willingness to challenge authority.

“If elected to BTC then I would stand up for the residents of Barry and speak up for their interests at every level.

“It is up to the voters in this election to decide whether they want to have more of the same or have a councillor whose life skills will be an asset to the council and Barry’s public life.”

The other candidates are Andrew Hennessey, of Welsh Labour, and Sam Lewis, of Welsh Conservatives.