YEAR 6 Romilly primary pupils were given a dementia awareness session, recently.

Jane Weldon, volunteer dementia champion Alzheimer’s Society and chairwoman of Dementia Friendly Barry, attended the school to visit the children and school staff who make regular visits to Cartref Porthceri and enjoy chatting and engaging with the residents.

Sessions are run by fully qualified volunteer Alzheimer Society dementia champions and this format specifically designed to engage with young people of this age group.

Ms Weldon said: “By the end of the session the children are more aware of what dementia is; that dementia can affect people in lots of different ways; and not ‘just about losing your memory’.

“It also opened out a discussion on how dementia was affected some of their own family members.

“At the end of the session each young person makes their own pledge on how they can be kind and thoughtful to someone who is living with dementia.”

If your school or organisation would like to engage with Dementia Friendly Barry, and would like more information on this, email or visit