REASSURANCES have been made that improvements are taking place at Barry Leisure Centre following complaints about conditions at the site.

Visitors have voiced concerns about the cleanliness of the site, which is run by Legacy Leisure in partnershhip with the Vale council, and the state of the changing room facilities.

Mum-of-two Nicola Owen, of Barry, is among them.

She called it "vile" this week and urged people not to take children there.

“How it’s still open I don't know,” she added.

Aimee Marsh previously took to social media over cockroaches on the floor of the centre when she took her son to a swimming lesson.

“The changing rooms were stinking dirty and we were sticking to the floor," she added.

“Didn't even shower my son as the showers are so unclean. Disgusting.”

And fellow leisure centre user Ellie Jones said: “Won’t be going there again.

“Last time I went I walked into the shower and walked back out.

“The floor felt slimy and horrible and it absolutely stank.”

A Legacy Leisure spokesman said: “Building work is currently taking place to renovate the wet-side changing rooms at the leisure centre.

“Unfortunately, this means that changing facilities are limited to the smaller, dry-side changing rooms which were not designed to cater for the large number of users they are currently serving.

“Due to the extremely high usage levels, we are restricted in our ability to carry out deep, chemical cleans.

“However, we will be stepping up our interim cleaning activity and apologise to customers that their current experience is not what they, or we, would expect.

“Away from the building work, we continue to resolve any maintenance issues as quickly as possible.

“A previous issue with cockroaches was identified when drains were uncovered at the start of the renovation last autumn – this was dealt with at the time and has not reoccurred.”

A Vale council spokesman said: "Work is currently well underway on new changing facilities for Barry Leisure Centre.

"There has been a slight delay due to problems with the existing drainage system which had to be addressed before the new floor drainage could be connected.

"This has, however, now been resolved and we hope to open the new changing facilities to the public in early summer 2019.

"In the meantime our leisure partner Legacy Leisure has done an excellent job of managing the current temporary arrangements during a very busy time for centre.

"These new facilities will be transform the experience of visiting the leisure centre for the better and we would like to thank all customer for their patience while we complete the job.”