A GELATERIA is tapping into a popular craze by concocting a unicorn ice-cream.

Barry Island parlour Zio’s Gelateria, in the Western Shelter overlooking Whitmore Bay, in Barry Island, is serving up a unicorn delicacy while also introducing other new flavours – Welsh cake; a chilli-inspired, chocolate Flaming Welsh Dragon; birthday cake; and a vegan-friendly orange sorbet among them.

The mythical unicorn, often used as a symbol of rarity or fantasy, and the flavour is proving a hit with customers.

Manager and chief gelato-maker Mariana Zeraschi, 35, said: “No unicorns were harmed in its making.

“The unicorn flavour is pink and blue bubble gum and vanilla.

“We introduced it because my daughter Erin absolutely loves unicorns and I’d seen a lot of things on Instagram and YouTube.

“It’s proving really popular.

“Everyone loves a unicorn; not just kids.”

Customers can also enjoy their instore-made dessert away from the Island with re-usable, thermal takeaway boxes available to take up to nine scoops which can be put in the fridge freezer to be enjoyed at home on any date.

Cost varies on the number of scoops – ranging from £3.50 to £13.

The gelateria is now thinking of new flavours to cater for Easter.

A hot cross bun variety could be on the cards and staff are open to customers making new flavour suggestions.

Zio’s is currently open daily from 10.30am/11am to 4pm.