THE Vale council has decided not to include marked sports pitches in updated dog controls in the form of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

Its decision follows a public consultation last year.

The proposals included in the draft PSPO were based on current bye-laws, but have been amended following a widespread public consultation exercise.

The consultation ran between June and September 2018 and received a significant response from residents.

Other amendments to the PSPO include removing the seasonal beach ban from Penarth seafront and the Knap beach.

Sports pitches will still be covered by a requirement to remove dog faeces and will be closely monitored.

Council employees will undertake enforcement.

Other controls included will be a ban from all children’s play areas, dogs on lead restrictions all year-round for the promenade at Whitmore Bay, and Penarth seafront and pier.

Vale council leader, Cllr John Thomas said: “As part of the consultation process I met and corresponded with many dog owners and it was very clear that all of them shared our view that irresponsible dog ownership is not acceptable.

"They were however concerned that the levels of controls introduced should be commensurate with the problem and should not unduly affect the majority of dog owners who are responsible.

“I was heartened to hear that many are willing to assist the council in our efforts to change the behaviour of irresponsible dog owners. In putting forward these controls I have very much taken their views and those of others on board and sought to achieve a balanced position that better allows everybody to enjoy the wonderful beaches and open spaces that the Vale has to offer, whether they own a dog or not”.

The council’s cabinet will consider the updated PSPO notice on Monday, March 18 and will be asked to agree the PSPO in principle.

It is hoped that the final notice will be agreed at a meeting of full Council on Wednesday, May 1.

Full details on the PSPO proposals can be viewed via