A HOLIDAYMAKER is facing jail after bringing in a suitcase of illegal weapons as he returned to Cardiff Airport with his family from a sunshine holiday.

Jordan Williams, 23, of Barry, was questioned by Border Force when officials uncovered a stun gun, two knuckledusters and a baton in his luggage on the flight back from Bulgaria.

Cardiff Crown Court heard the stun gun was disguised as a torch and was capable of discharging 7,900 volts.

Williams had picked up the weapons while on holiday in Bulgaria with his girlfriend and child - and didn't realise they were illegal.

He was questioned at Cardiff Airport and insisted he bought them to display in a case alongside machetes and samurai swords.

Prosecuting, Nuhu Gobir said: "Williams said he did not know these items were illegal in the UK and he had seen a sign in the shop he bought them from which said he could bring them back to the UK as long as they were stored in a suitcase.

"He said he would have kept them in a locked display at his property and would not have used them for violence."

Williams pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm disguised as another object and three counts of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

Defending, Meirion Davies said: "The family were together and stopped at the airport.

"He made full admissions and the torch was contained in its package. In Bulgaria these things were lawful."

Sentencing was adjourned until Friday, March 29, but Judge Michael Fitton warned he would more than likely be jailed.