AN EXTRAORDINARY meeting to set the Vale council tax will be held after four Tory’s joined a cross-party rebellion against the proposed 4.9 per cent rate.

Barry Tory councillors, Vince Bailey and Janice Charles, Llandough councillor, George Carroll, and newly-elected Rhoose councillor Andrew RT Davies objected to their own administration’s plans.

The proposed budget increase was defeated 25 to 18 in a meeting on Wednesday, February 27.

The 4.9 per cent increase would mean Band D properties would pay £1,245.06 in the next financial year.

Cllr Bailey, in a joint statement following the meeting said the Vale receives a terrible funding settlement from the Welsh Labour Government.

He said: “It presents huge challenges when setting the budget.

“It is a fact that there are issues within the current budget that cause us real concern and it would be wrong to look to the Labour party for solutions to the problems it has created with its flawed funding system.

“Ultimately, we are hopeful that a compromise can be found.

“This is about delivering a fair settlement for Vale residents.”

Tory Vale leader, Cllr John Thomas said following the vote he held discussions with members of his own group, including those not supporting the budget proposals, and other councillors.

New budget proposals will be proposed at full council on Friday, March 8.

“These will include new measures to address a number of issues raised at the full council meeting,” Cllr Thomas said.

“And subsequently, such as additional £100,000 for supporting local bus services and setting aside of additional money to support community uses in the development of St Paul’s church in Penarth.

“Opposition members have also asked for a number of areas of the council’s work to be reviewed. This is in keeping with spirit of openness and transparency with which I have always sought to lead the council and so something that I am more than happy to consider.

“I am very pleased that by considering the views expressed at the meeting of full council we have been able to put together an amended budget. If agreed on Friday this new budget will represent a victory for grown-up politics in the Vale of Glamorgan. Reaching this agreement has not been about doing deals, but rather being mature and perceptive enough to consider the needs of all the communities we serve. This has also come at no additional cost to local residents, with the proposed level of council tax remaining unchanged.”