A FIVE-YEAR-OLD from Barry will make his television debut when he reveals his secret life on Channel 4.

Maxwell, now six, features in the January 31 screening of The Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Olds.

Mum Nicola and dad David responded to a 2018 Facebook advert, from RDF Television, looking for youngsters to take part in the new series and he was one of 15 five-year-olds selected from 6,000 to film in London in August 2018.

Mum, Nicola said: “We had seen the programme on Channel 4 previously and each time we watched we always said that Maxwell would be perfect for the show due to his unique personality.

“He is such a loud, confident and boisterous child, who is always making people laugh due to his cheekiness, with the comments he makes and faces he pulls, but he is also so loving and thoughtful.

“Not many people see this other side to him either so it’s a perfect opportunity for the public to see him for who he truly is. We have been told by several friends on numerous occasions that Maxwell is made for the show and would be perfect!”

The family went through two stages before going to a ‘play date’ audition in Bristol.

Nicola said: “Maxwell was his typical self, ensuring that everyone would remember him due to his loudness and jokes. He made up his own rules (cheated) in a game to ensure he won, made up stories in his interview but also helped another child in a game when he was struggling. “When we left the audition the production staff said: “Nice to meet you Maxwell” and his response was ‘Yes, I know.’

“It was then a waiting game to see if Maxwell was selected as they had ‘playdates’ all around the UK.

Filming captured moments the children first met, through making friends, engaging in activities and taking part in tasks and competitions.

Nicola added: “We were all so excited both before, during and after the experience. Each day was fantastic and overall a positive and amazing opportunity for Maxwell.”

The Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Olds is on Channel 4 at 8pm on Thursdays or catch-up on 4oD.