A DEPRESSED grandmother has shed more than five-and-a-half stone after the death of her new-born granddaughter helped trigger her to act.

Clare Roach, 41, of Barry, tipped the scales at 19st 11Ib.

She felt depressed, hated the way she looked in the mirror, and found walking upstairs made her out of breath.

She now weighs 14st 4Ib.

Mrs Roach was looking forward to becoming a grandmother for the second time, but in March 2018 Macie died, after a few weeks, following complications at the birth.

Looking at one of the few pictures of herself and Macie in the hospital failed to be a treasured memory as all she could see was an overweight person.

Mrs Roach said: “Every time I looked at the photo, I hated what I saw. It was such an awful time. It was a time of sadness and reflection so in May I felt ready to do something for me and I re-joined WW (previously Weight Watchers). I was size 24, totally unfit and my eating was out of control.”

“As a family, we would have takeaways two to three times a week. My diet consisted of Chinese, chips and I would constantly be snacking on toast with butter and other unhealthy snacks. I haven’t had a takeaway since I joined WW. I love cooking and I have discovered I can make a delicious ‘fakeaway’ that is so much more nutritious and filling than anything I can get from the takeaway.”

The WW plan encourages healthy eating, activity and improve your mind set.

Now a size 16 she has turned her life around and husband Allan has lost four stone.

“In June, my WW coach organised a 5k event which prompted me to get more active,” she said. “It made me confident enough to join a gym, Cardio Core, in Barry and I love it. I’m obsessed. The classes are amazing and the instructors really push you to your max, taking in to account any injuries and problems you have. Being more active has really helped my weight loss and toned me up.

“Setting goals is an important part of a wellness journey. Lesley Mullan, my Wellness Coach, asked us in the summer what was on our bucket list. I said I wanted to climb Pen-Y-Fan.”

Mrs Roach set off to climb Pen-Y Fan with her husband Allan on December, 30 last year.

Mr Roach gave up after 15 minutes.

“It was really hard to carry on but I’m so pleased that I did, she said. “I’d given my coat to Allan as I was so hot on the way up but as I reached the top it was so cold.

“A lovely man offered me his gloves as I looked so cold.

“I had to ask someone to take my photo as wanted to have proof that I had done it.

“I felt on top of the world.”

She added: “I now do things for me as I have realised that I am important.

“I'm feeling so much fitter too so I am planning to walk up Snowdon this year, hopefully with Allan.

Mrs Mullan holds meetings in The Cabin, Hebron Hall, Dinas Powis, Wednesday 4.45pm and 6.30pm, St Isans Parish Hall, Llanishen, Thursday 10am and Elfed Avenue Church, Penarth, Saturday 9.15am.