THIS week’s From the Archive features two photographs of late 19th century tunic belt buckles of the former Barry Dock Police.

The tiny police force was formed shortly after the Docks were first opened and formed specifically to protect the interests and property of the Company.

Both belt buckles are exceptionally rare items and vary slightly in their design.

The crowns that they show are of Queen Victoria's era – pre-1901.

They form part of my personal collection of police force memorabilia that have existed at some period in Wales.

Retired South Wales Police officer Ross Mather, of Bridgend, said: “When I first joined the police force in 1969, I joined what was then the Glamorgan Constabulary and was posted to the town, working from what was then a newly built Gladstone Road Police Station.

“The Division in those days was called the 'E' or Barry Dock Division.

“I have collected police memorabilia for almost 50 years.”

The Barry & District News would like to thank Mr Mater for the photographs and information.

If you have an old Barry photograph you would like to see included, with information about what it depicts, email