Heartbroken parents today won their battle for a full inquest into the brutal murder of their teenage son - and to discover why his killer was out on probation.

Nadine and Richard Marshall, of Woodlands Road, Barry, told an inquest they "want answers" over the murder of son Conner, 18, in a mistaken identity blunder.

His killer David Braddon, 26, was supposed to be monitored by probation services for drugs offences and attacking a police officer.

But Braddon attacked Connor, 18, at the seaside resort of Porthcawl, South Wales, after binging on cocaine, Valium and alcohol.

A court heard it was a shocking case of mistaken identity after Braddon mistook Conner for his ex-girlfriend's new partner.

Brandon admitted murder and was jailed for life at Cardiff Crown Court.

But his grieving parents say they were kept in the dark about many details of the killing - and wanted to get to the truth of the probation blunder.

Conner’s parents appealed to a coroner for a full inquest to be heard into their son’s death so they could find out how he died.

Family barrister Lloyd Williams said: “It is an astonishing feature of this case that the parents know nothing about the circumstances of the attack.

”Conner Marshall was the victim of an attack on March 8, 2015, as a result of injuries sustained in that attack he died on March 12 that year.

“David Braddon was prosecuted for murder and pleaded guilty - he was sentenced to a life tariff with a minimum of 20 years.

In the nine months before the murder, Braddon, of Caerphilly, South Wales, breached his probation by missing eight separate meetings.

He was being monitored by a private probation company, owned by a giant German catering company, when the attack took place.

Pontypridd Coroner’s Court heard Braddon pleaded guilty and was sentenced shortly afterwards.

But the Crown Prosecution Service never gave full details of how Conner died or the reasons why Braddon was free to carry out the attack.

Mr Williams said: “There is no information of the build up to that day, how David Braddon came to be there at the caravan park, how he got hold of drugs or who he took drugs with.

“We don’t have a pre-sentence report for this offence or any of his previous offences for which he was supposed to be supervised for.”

South Wales Central Coroner Andrew Barkley has now ruled that an inquest will take place.

Mr Barkley said: "There has to be an an issue to be explored.”

After Braddon was jailed, Connor's mum Nadine, of Barry, received a Serious Further Offences report into her son's killer.

The report revealed Braddon had a history of domestic violence, cruelty to animals and assaulting a police officer.

But Braddon had never served time in prison before the brutal murder of Conner at the Trecco Bay caravan park.

An inquest date is yet to be set.