THIS week’s From The Archive features a photograph of Gladstone Road, in Barry, in the early 1900s.

In August 1901 a number of local ministers wrote to police superintendent Giddings to complain about street gambling in Barry.

The ministers were shocked into action after seeing an advertisement in the local papers for a Lottery.

Gambling was seen as a vice which needed to be stamped out.

The police reacted by "raiding" Gladstone Road early on a Sunday morning.

They found 20 boys playing Pitch and Toss (a gambling game of throwing coins at a target).

Police managed to capture five of the errant youths.

Four of them appeared before the local magistrates on the Monday and were fined 2s 6d.

A warrant was issued for Fred Jenkins who failed to turn up.

The Barry & District News would like to thank Cllr Shirley Hodges for the photograph and information.

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