A SELF-CONFESSED couch potato has shed more than five stone following a visit to his GP and a talk with a slimming friend.

Anthony Whiting, of Barry, weighed 22st 6Ib when he joined the Weight Watchers Dinas Powys class, in December 2017, but he now weighs 16st 11Ib having completely changed his lifestyle.

The 58-year-old had been in denial about how heavy he had become.

Previously, he would eat big portions of pizza, pasta and cooked dinners and in between meals, snack on cakes, biscuits, bread and milk.

He was he said, “a complete couch potato.”

Mr Whiting said: “After a few weeks of following the plan, my weight loss slowed down. When I chatted this through with my coach, Lesley Mullan, she realised that my portion sizes were just too big.

“I invested in a set of food scales which was a really sound investment and my weight has continued to drop off.

He also returned to exercising.

“‘Now I cycle to work every day and spend time in the gym, even on holiday. Last month I took part in a charity event, raising £440 for Mental Awareness climbing Pen-Y-Fan. I was determined to beat one of the younger participants time. I was up that mountain in 45 minutes.”

Mr Whiting hopes to reach his goal weight of 16 stone by November.

“I have so much more energy and I feel 10 years younger now.

“Nothing is going to stop me reaching my goal.”

WW coach, Mrs Mullan said: “Anthony is an inspiration.

“He always stays for the group session, wanting to learn ways of being healthier.

“He really has the desire to be the healthiest version of himself.

“I’m so proud to have him in my group.”

Mrs Mullan holds meetings in The Cabin, Hebron Hall Dinas Powis on Wednesday at 4.45pm and 6.30pm and Elfed Avenue Church, Penarth, on Saturday at 9.15am.