TRADERS and residents have continued to voice their views as the consultation deadline approaches for the draft parking strategy in the Vale.

The consultation is about regards proposals for parking charges in town centres, at beaches and in country parks in the Vale of Glamorgan.

A series of drop-in sessions have been staged for all to view and comment on the plans and views can be submitted before Friday, September 28.

Holton Road traders association chairman Dave Elliott said: “We started another petition in line with High Street traders to get opinion and to spread information and to tell public that they need to do online consultation. The council’s plans will harm traders in the Vale.” If the council was a company then they would have gone bust through bad management.”

Traders association vice-chairwoman Rachael Williams said: “The petition has been organised by High Street but is not the way to respond to the parking consultation. People must complete the questionnaire which is easily found on the Vale website. Or they can attend one of the drop-in sessions being held throughout the Vale.

“People can also print off the questionnaire for those who do not have access to the internet. Please make your views known in this way if you are opposed to the car parking charges.”

Garry Gibbs, 69, of Coldbrook Road, Barry, said paying to visit Porthkerry Park to walk his dog several times in the day wasn’t feasible financially.

“How can people afford it? he said. “It’s absolutely disgusting. It just angers me. This is my enjoyment.”

A Vale council spokesman said: “We are seeking the views of traders and businesses as well as residents, visitors, town and community councillors and all other interested parties on a number of issues.

“These include the management of car parking, charging options as well as potential displacement.

“Only after all opinions have been heard will Cabinet consider the best way forward.

“Year on year, the council is facing tougher challenges in delivering a wide range of services in the face of increasing pressures and reducing budgets.

“In November 2016, the Wales Audit Office published its findings into how local authorities were generating income amid increased budget pressures.

“One of the key recommendations from the report was the need for all authorities to develop strategic approaches for introducing and reviewing charges and it is on this basis that the Council has drafted and agreed the Income Generation and Commercial Opportunities Strategy for 2017 to 20.

“Given the continual year on year reductions in the settlement afforded to this council by Welsh Government, the council must consider our approach to the management of car parking across the Vale. Our proposals are for parking in town centres to remain free for an initial period, after which charges will apply.

“The reason why such an approach is being proposed is that we recognise the important role played by businesses and retailers in contributing to the local economy.

“We also recognise that we need turnover in town centres, and managing car parking will ensure that such turnover is possible and promoted, again to the benefit of our town centre businesses as well as visitors.”

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