A TRADER in one of Barry’s major retail areas has taken the battle against the overgrowth of weeds into his own hands.

Bob Armstrong, who owns Doctor Bob’s Balloons, in High Street, Barry, has been forced to bring out the weed killer blighting the area around his shop.

The Vale council had previously said there had been a problem procuring weed killer which had led to the unsightly plants blighting many residential areas throughout the county.

But Mr Armstrong believes the council need to also address the weeds in retail areas on the grounds they are a hazard and eyesore to would-be customers and especially the senior citizens who live near, and shop, in the independent business-led shopping district.

Mr Armstrong said: “Over the last few months I’ve noticed there’s been an increase in the growth of weeds over the whole area and in the residential streets.

“It’s getting a bit unsightly.

“Some of them have been growing for a long time and they are starting to make the paving unstable for elderly people.

“It’s going to get worse.”

“I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands,” he said. “I haven’t seen the Vale council doing anything.

“We pay our rates and we are running full-time businesses so it’s difficult to find the time to tackle the weeds.”

Barry Town Council this year spent £13,000 on floral displays for Holton Road.

“High Street has got weeds,” Mr Armstrong added. “What they’ve got in Holton Road we could have similar on the street corners.”

Vale council operational manager for neighbourhood services and transport, Mike Clogg said: “The council successfully completed a first round of weed spraying throughout the Vale earlier in the summer to control weed growth.

“There will be a further round in the autumn.

“We will investigate any specific areas where weed growth may remain a problem and undertake any remedial works should this be considered necessary prior to the next round of spraying.”