CHANGES to Vale of Glamorgan Council black bag household waste collections are set to be introduced early next week in an effort to boost the County’s recycling performance.

From September 3, households will be able to put a maximum of two black bags of waste for collection every fortnight.

Standard size black bags need to be used as extra-large bags and wheelie bin liners will not be collected.

There will be no change to collection days and residents can put out as much dry, food and garden recycling as they have.

Additional recycling containers can be obtained from Penarth and Barry libraries, as well as some smaller libraries and the Council’s Alps depot in Wenvoe.

Using our lockable caddy, compostable bags and weekly food waste recycling collection instead of storing waste in black bags can help control smells and keep pests out.

Cllr Geoff Cox, Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, said: “We need to increase the amount that we recycle in the Vale of Glamorgan. We currently recycle 64 per cent of our waste, which is really good, but we need to recycle 70 per cent by 2024/25 to meet the Welsh Government’s mandatory targets.

“If these targets are not achieved the council may be fined. We have found that over 60 per cent of the waste put out in black bags in the Vale can be recycled through services provided by the council.

“We want householders who don’t recycle to start and those who currently recycle to recycle more by focusing on items from around the home. For example, shampoo bottles and aerosols from the bathroom, aftershave and perfume bottles from the bedroom etc. This will help us to increase the amount we recycle across the county.

“While the targets give us a focus and something to work towards, the change is not just about targets, it is about becoming recycling focused as a county.”

It is possible to apply for additional bags if six or more people live in a household or in cases where a large amount of non-recyclable waste is produced, by pets or in the form of nappies, for example. Such waste can be double bagged to reduce odour.

Requests must come after attempts have been made to keep to the restriction and a warden may visit to discuss individual needs.

Ash from a coal fire may also be placed in an additional black bag, but it must not contain anything else, be clearly labelled, not heavy, cold and the council must be informed to expect such waste.

Information about what can be recycled is available at

l An open letter to our readers from cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport Geoff Cox: page 14