PUPILS at Barry Comprehensive School marked the end of an era with a set of "outstanding" A-level results in the school’s current form.

The sixth formers are the final year group to complete their A-levels at Barry Comprehensive before the school closes to make way for Whitmore High School in September.

Head teacher Gerard McNamara said: “I am very proud of our A-level students.

“Through their hard work over the last two years, inspired by our passionate teachers the next opportunity of their exciting young lives has opened.

“Every student who applied to university has secured a place.

“Our students have been bouncing into school smiling and laughing with their friends.

“They know they have achieved their dreams and we are delighted to share this experience of happiness with them.>

He added: “Parents across the town will be very happy.

“I would like to thank them for their support in our achievements.

“I wish our students the very best in the next step of their lives - continue to work hard and have high aspirations for your success.”

A selection of the fantastic achievements include:

Chris Neale achieved four A grades at A-level and an A in Further Maths at AS Level.

He will study mathematics with International Studies at the University of Nottingham.

Mr Neale, 18, of Barry, said: “It was stressful really, and time consuming, but it was worth all the time and effort I put in.”

James Hamer achieved an A* and three A grades and will taking a gap year before continuing his studies in geology

Charlotte Davidson achieved A* and an A and B grade and study Business Management at Cardiff University.

Jack Hildrup achieved two A grades and two B grades and will study Geology at Cardiff University.

Megan Hewitson achieved Distinction* A, A, and B and will study Business Management (Marketing with Professional Placement) at Cardiff University.

Emily Owen achieved Distinction* A and B and will study Accounting & Finance (with a year in industry) at Swansea University.

Daniel Ellis achieved an A* and three B grades and will study International Politics & Military History at Aberystwyth University.

Joseph Garnett achieved an A* and three B grades and will study Computer Science at Cardiff University.

And Lucy Dee achieved an A three B grades and will study Nursing at Cardiff University.