AN INSPIRATIONAL schoolgirl has overcome numerous health conditions to achieve the top A-level grades needed to secure a university place.

Bryn Hafren pupil Natalya Brunskill achieved A grades in Health & Social Care and Religion, a C grade in English Literature and as well as the Welsh Bac – despite dealing with dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia is a developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD) which can cause a wide range of problems.

The 18-year-old, of Barry, suffers with her movement and co-ordination; has difficulty concentrating and retaining information; and experiences problems with her energy levels – feeling tired much of the time.

She also has difficulty with hearing and pains in her back.

To compound the stress during her exam subject studies her mum, Julia Brunskill, spent some time in intensive care in hospital with further in-patient stay.

And she was also the only English literature pupil – with a succession of five different teachers guiding her studies.

But having overcome the odds stacked against her, she will now go to Bristol university for a four-year Childcare studies course.

Natalya said: “I’m happy and it’s over now.

“I have dyspraxia so it’s hard.

“It (the condition) makes it harder to learn and process.”

“I was just very tired and wanted to come home after lessons.

“I had no social life.”

Mum, Miss Brunskill said: “Last year I was in intensive care and then in hospital a month.

“She went through all that.

“I’m extremely proud.

“She’s done amazingly well considering all the challenges.”