RESIDENTS living on the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff border have claimed they are the “forgotten” ones when dealing with council services.

Dad-of-two Russell Godfrey, of Brooklands Terrace, in the Parc Y Gwenfo Estate within the county, heads up the residents association.

On behalf of his fellow neighbours he has written to council chief Rob Thomas raising a number of issues involving upkeep, nuisance and safety.

The 56-year-old said: “Having lived in Brooklands Terrace for over 20 years I believe it is fair to say that residents in the area get very little in return for the council tax we pay. I would go as far to say we are the forgotten part of the Vale.”

Mr Godfrey said people had been using the road as a “park and ride” with the authority taking no action.

He said the fence and bank at the rear of Brooklands retail park was not being maintained; litter bins and mini-football posts had been removed and not replaced; and the road surfaces were in disrepair.

Mr Godfrey said: “The road surface along the Terrace is like a patchwork quilt with potholes all along it.

“The last time the road was resurfaced was by Westbury Homes - probably 25 years ago.

“Could it not be considered for resurfacing?”

And Mr Godfrey further claimed the boundary fence at the end of Heol Collen and the bank along the link road was also in a poor condition and a danger to all.

He said: “This link fence is now in major disrepair.

“As it runs near the park area parents are concerned that children can now get onto the grass bank.

“A number of pets have already had to be rescued from the edge of the link road.

“I have raised this issue with the community council clerk and go no response.

“Could this please be looked at?”

Vale council managing director, Rob Thomas said: “I am aware of the issues raised by Mr Godfrey, as he has recently written to me on these issues.

“I am pleased to say that the matters raised have all been investigated by relevant officers and I have now responded to Mr Godfrey to reassure him and others, that we always seek to offer the best service possible to all residents, as far as reasonably practicable in the current financial climate and we are continually looking to improve our services to meet demand and mitigate the impacts of reducing budgets.”