PRAYERS will be said in the Barry Town Council chamber five minutes before the start of Full Council business, the Barry mayor has declared.

Cllr Janice Charles said the practice would begin at the next meeting on October 1.

Her request for prayers to be said prior to Barry Town Council meetings met with a divisive response when it was discussed by councillors on Monday, June 18, but she advised councillors it would happen when they met on July 23.

Plaid opposition leader, Cllr Shirley Hodges said: “I’m angry the mayor Janice Charles has imposed her religious views on Barry Town Council by announcing she was holding prayers before meetings.

“No discussion was allowed and I’m concerned creeping fundamentalism is taking hold of the town council.

“I want all citizens to feel welcome in our council not just a few.

“Barry Town Council has no history of saying prayers before meetings for at least 27 years probably longer.

“ I believe there is no place for it now.”