A CENTRE for veterans of the armed forces and emergency services has moved into its new home to further its work.

Woody’s Lodge - which was set up more than a year ago in February 2017 - aims to provide veterans with access to charities, advice, counselling and a place to socialise with other veterans

Woody’s is named after Penarth raised Royal Marine and member of the Special Boat Service, Paul “Woody” Woodland, who died while in service with the Royal Navy in 2012.

The charity has now moved from HMS Cambria to Amelia Trust Farm, just off of Five Mile Lane on the edge of Barry

Sian Woodland, Mr Woodland’s former fiancee, is the communications director of Woody’s Lodge.

She said of the move: “It is sad in many ways to say goodbye to Royal Navy and Royal Marines who have helped us start and get on our way.

“However, we can increase our work to include veteran’s families as we now find our work includes working with wives, partners and children.”

Woody’s Lodge will be open from Monday, August 6 and will be open between 10am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday.

In their first six months, the centre received well more than 1,200 visits from veterans of all ages from the Vale and Cardiff areas.

Woody’s also acts as a base from which 20 charitable and statutory agencies work including: The Royal British Legion, NHS, Dept. of Works & Pensions, Recovery Cymru, NEXUS, Barnardos and SSAFA.

The centre’s team say they are optimistic that more funding will allow them to extend the opening times. They also said they are excited and looking forward to welcoming local veterans and their families, as well as working closer with supporting organisations.

The Amelia Trust Farm is a countryside sanctuary.

As a registered charity, it believes no one should be excluded from society and staff there provide therapeutic support to disadvantaged and vulnerable people in a Care Farm setting.

Visit woodyslodge.org