A PROBLEM with the procurement of weed killer and the hot, dry weather has led to streets throughout the Vale being riddled with the unsightly plants.

Many areas in Barry have been blighted and residents in Dinas Powys took to social media to comment on the undesirable vegetation with suggestions that hot water could solve the problem.

John Viney, of Harvey Street, Cadoxton, Barry, said: “While I was driving I was looking out and they were everywhere.

“They are growing out of every coping stone and paving slab on my street.

“It looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and because we haven’t had any rain either, in the last few weeks, they look distressed, brown, and crumpled and looking like they want to be put out of their misery with some weed killer.”

Barry Town Council councillor Shirley Hodges, who took photographs in Romilly Road, said: “Some parts of the town are looking a mess with tall weeds growing up through the pavement.

“The Vale council said they didn’t have any weed killer.

“However, what about someone with a strimmer?

“This is unacceptable.”

A Vale of Glamorgan council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of weeds growing across the Vale.

“Contractors have been treating weeds in Llantwit Major, once the herbicide has taken effect they will remove/sweep key areas, and move on to other areas across the county.”