WHILE their owners are away, the cats can stay - at one of Wales’ first luxury cat hotels.

Barry Island resident Sarah Starbuck is playing host to the Longcroft Luxury five star boutique accommodation at her Redbrink Crescent home.

The fully licensed five suites boast a climate controlled bedroom leading to a spacious play area, room service, and plenty of one-on-one play.

The “A La Cat” menu and mini bar offers “every flavour of Dreamies imaginable.”

Airy suites can cater for one to three furry guests and owners can book bespoke packages which can include dietary needs, treatments with full body groom and relaxing day spa, and John Paul pet products.

The hotel can also provide regular postcard, photograph and Facetime updates for families away on their own holiday.

Mum-of-two Ms Starbuck, 48, said she had seen founder Abi Purser on Channel 4 TV show Compare Your Life and it inspired her take on the franchise opportunity.

Ms Starbuck, who has owned cats all her life, said: “I’m really excited. I can’t wait to get started. It’s like a dream job - looking after cats for a living.”

Hotel founder, Mrs Purser said she had got the idea 10 years ago when she wanted to house her cat Norman, but was greeted by poorly maintained cages.

She said: “I didn’t want to put him in a small cage when we were on an all-inclusive break.”