CADOXTON Primary School pupils have displayed their entrepreneurial flair at a national competition which aims to find and nurture the most promising young business talent in Wales.

Enterprise Troopers, the annual competition run by Big Ideas Wales - part of the Welsh Government’s Youth Entrepreneurship Service - brings together five to 11-year-olds from across the country.

Learners join forces in teams to create and run their own enterprises, selling products or services of their choosing in their schools and local communities.

Cadoxton youngsters presented one of the six most exciting business ideas of the key stage two pupils.

They will head to the national final at Cardiff Metropolitan University on Tuesday, July 3.

They will battle it out against other enterprising pupils from across Wales.

Their shortlisted idea will be presented to a number of Big Ideas Wales Role Models and established entrepreneurs in a bid to win the national title.

Pupils wowed the judges at the regional final of the Enterprise Troopers Competition at Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall in Blaenavon which each day saw pupils from 14 teams in the region showcase their innovative business ideas for the future.

The competition aims to encourage creativity and business skills in young people, and challenges pupils across Wales to develop their own business ideas ahead of a national final.

It is hoped the skills they learn and develop will ultimately provide them with an advantage when they eventually enter the workplace or look to establish their own businesses.

Cadoxton Primary impressed the judges with their business idea to make meals out of donated food.

Speaking at the event, Year 6 teacher Sarah Brooks said: “Our pupils have shown so much creativity through this process and we’re very proud of them.

“They’ve thoroughly enjoyed today’s event and we’re all really looking forward to the final.

“Fingers crossed for more success there.”

Showing their support for the pupils at each regional final are four ‘super-troopers’, each representing the key attributes of entrepreneurship: attitude, creativity, relationships and organisation.

Cheryl Gourlay, national enterprise manager from the event’s associate sponsor NatWest Cymru said: “It’s vital that we encourage entrepreneurial attitudes in children from an early age, to allow them to develop life skills and talents that are essential to their d