BARRY'S status as a Fairtrade town has been renewed for another two years, after the Fairtrade Foundation confirmed that Barry Town Council had met all five criteria for showing commitment to Fairtrade principles.

Barry was first awarded Fairtrade status in March 2015 and this has now been renewed until summer 2020, following the publication of an action plan which includes increasing the number of local businesses who promote Fairtrade products, engaging, more with local community organisations and the well-being of Future Generations Act.

Fairtrade status is agreed by the Fairtrade Foundation, an independent organisation who license more than 5000 products to show that disadvantaged workers are getting a fair deal from selling these products. 

Barry Town Council Fairtrade Advisory Committee chairman, Cllr Ian Johnson, said: “Wales is now celebrating its tenth anniversary of becoming a Fairtrade country and I am very pleased that Barry’s status as a Fairtrade Town has been renewed, thanks to sponsors, Barry Town Council, who are providing administrative support.

“In Barry, we are very proactive in promoting Fairtrade.

"Events in recent years have included promoting Fairtrade at the Scout Fete, the Christmas Lights launch at High Street, Barry Town United football matches with Fairtrade footballs, and an exhibition on Fairtrade Gold.

"Our campaigning work was recognised with an award from Hub Cymru Africa at their 2018 awards.

 “However, there is a great deal of work to be done in our town to raise the profile of Fair Trade products so that Barry residents are aware of the range of goods available and where they can be bought.”

 The next meeting of Barry Town Council’s Fairtrade advisory committee is at the Town Council offices next to the Memorial Hall on Gladstone Road, at 6pm on Monday, July 16.

Any member of the public is welcome to attend.