A VALE council meeting heard last week that that bags of rubbish are still being left on Barry beach, and items such as broken bottles, wet wipes and BBQs are still being found buried in the sand.

But a litter campaigner has said the situation on Barry beach has got better since the council introduced improved litter-prevention measures such as extra litter patrols, loudspeaker announcements, signs and more bins.

The measures were introduced by the Vale council after what campaigners, businesses and volunteers described as a “heartbreaking” amount of litter was left on the beach over the early May bank holiday weekend.

Joanne Cheek, from the Beautiful Barry campaign group, said: “We have had five or six volunteers going out religiously.

“It’s not perfect. I don’t think it ever will be. But it’s incredibly better than it was.

“The signs are fantastic. They were put up as quickly as possible. They are attracting people’s attention.

“They have put some large bins in the main entrances where there’s a lot of foot-flow which is really good.”

The meeting of the council’s environment and regeneration scrutiny committee was told seasonal staff have been employed to increase the workforce clearing litter on Barry beach in peak visitor periods.

Cllr Gwyn John described litter in Barry as “appalling”.

“It’s a disease in our society, dropping litter,” he said.

“Many people are frightened to say ‘please pick that up’ because you would get a punch in the nose.

It’s time people did something about it themselves in their own community.

“It’s absolutely appalling.”

Cllr Matthew Lloyd asked whether there was enough resources at the beach to tackle litter.

He said: “We have to be very careful we protect the image of Barry Island as a platinum resort for the Vale.

“We can’t afford for that image to be sullied at all.”

Colin Smith, the council’s neighbourhood services chief, replied: “Personally (I think) it’s not a capacity issue, its an education issue.

“When I think about when it’s appropriate to drop the letter on the floor, for me the answer is never.

“If it came to it I would take it home, personally.”