A BARRY couple are preparing to bring a sit-down traditional pizzeria to Barry – making it the first of its kind in years.

Rhys and Sara Cafaro, who met while studying Italian at a Cardiff college in 2004, will bring their passion for Italian cooking to High Street in August with Paletta Pizzeria decked out in a distinct, eco-friendly style

As a student, Mr Cafaro gave Sara lifts home, which was then above Carlo's Place on High Street.

He wanted to practise his Italian so started working for Carlo and Vivienne, Sara's parents.

He inevitably grew close to Sara and became part of the family.

With the success of Carlo's Place, they opened Il Vesuvio in Llantwit Major and they are still going strong 14 years later.

The couple married in Sorrento, lived and studied in Sicily, and travelled extensively around Italy.

Mr Cafaro said: "We decided to open a proper pizzeria because there is nowhere nice to sit down and eat traditional pizza in Barry.

“We knew to be authentic we would need a big wood-fired oven with the hot stone base, so that is our unique selling proposition and the first thing you will see as you enter.

“With the right temperatures we should be able to cook a 12-inch margherita pizza in about 90 seconds which will mean that we can do lots of covers."

The owners want a rustic, but modern looking restaurant so have stripped the building back to achieve a quirky look.

Mr Cafaro said: “We designed Paletta Pizzeria based on a style that we like.

“It is a place that we would want to visit as a couple or in a large group of friends.

“The restaurant stands out a mile on High Street, with its distinctive wooden look inside and out.” They also wanted the restaurant to have a low carbon footprint and nearly every part of the pizzeria has been designed using reclaimed materials such as wood, bricks and steel.

Mr Cafaro said: "We hope to appeal to all from kids’ parties and families to couples and young adults looking for cool place to go in the evenings."

Mrs Cafaro’s food will include pizza, pasta dishes, interesting salads, Italian street food and lite bites including vegan and gluten-free choices.

She will also sell homemade desserts, house wine and Italian beers.

Mr Cafaro added: “We can't stand stiff and posh restaurants with over-priced, tasteless food.

“One of our biggest pet hates is the poor service that you see in chain restaurants, our customers will personally matter to us and we want them to keep coming back, time and time again.

“We offer a friendly welcome and fair prices."

Family members will staff the venture until interest renders it requiring more staff.

They hope to offer pizza making parties for children's birthdays and want to provide worthwhile learning experiences for children from schools.

It is set to open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 2pm for lunch and 5pm to 10pm for dinner, subject to change depending on response.