A WOMAN whose cat helped her during her recovery from cancer has appealed for help in finding her much-loved missing pet.

Kim Prout, of Phyllis Street, Barry Island, last saw Lottie around 8pm on Sunday, June 3.

Lottie is white with black tabby markings.

Mrs Prout, 35, said checks with neighbours had not been met with success and Lottie was a cat that didn’t go out much.

Mrs Prout said: “She never goes far from her sister Maisie, who is the more adventurous of the two. On the evening she went missing there were lots of cats out and seagulls, which she may have been scared by.

“Lottie tends to stay in the house by my side when I’m home, following me around, even to the toilet and when I shower.

“She is quiet, shy and timid with strangers until she gets to know them.

“We are therefore worried that she is hiding and frightened and may not be making herself known to others.

“Lottie and her sister Maisie have a great relationship.

“I am devastated, as they are both more than ‘just a cat’ to me,” she said. “I was recovering from treatment for breast cancer - chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy - when we first got Lottie and Maisie from Mittens rescue.

“At the time I was still having lots of days unwell in bed or on the sofa, and they gave me a purpose to get up and look after them.

“They really became my focus, and were seen as part of the family, now a part of the family is missing.”

Microchipped Lottie doesn’t wear a collar and Mrs Prout is concerned she has been assumed a stray and is being fed.

“She added: “Whilst I’d appreciate if anyone has looked after her, she has a very loving family and needs to come home.”