Campaigners are calling for more drinking water fountains in Barry as the town continues to battle against a litter problem on its beach.

Volunteer group Beautiful Barry is calling for fountains or taps to provide water across Barry Island beach and the town’s public park to encourage people to stop buying water bottles they only use once then throw away.

It comes after a recent summit was held by Vale of Glamorgan Council to find ways of tackling litter on the beach.

Joanne Cheek, member of Beautiful Barry, has floated the idea of the water taps and fountains – and says Barry town council and Vale of Glamorgan council have both replied positively to her suggestion.

“We should be able to buy water wherever we go,” she said. “Not only is it environmental because it stops people having to buy water all the time.

“At the moment there are three taps (at Barry beach) but they are really badly signposted. That needs to be sorted out because people don’t know where they are.

“I’m a litter picker – I’m obsessed with litter. I’ve found predominantly over the last 12 months what I’m picking up is water bottles. Half the time they are not even empty. It’s absolutely shocking.”

Ms Cheek said taps could be installed in public places if fountains are too expensive.

And she said the water taps and fountains should be spread throughout Barry so the whole town can get the health benefits.

“Barry is not just about tourists,” she said. “There are areas of Barry that must feel so neglected when they see the media coverage.

“The areas that suffer the most and given the least amount of funding need them the most.”

The Vale of Glamorgan Council said it is looking into installing new water fountains, but could not confirm how this would be funded.

A spokesman for the Vale council said: “The council has installed several new water fountains in recent years and we have recently been looking at accelerating this work, along with a number of other initiatives, to help cut the use of single-use plastics such as water bottles in the Vale.”

Barry Town Council has been contacted for comment.