BARRY'S second Free Little library has been opened by three schoolchildren.

Eight-year-old Josh Wells, and his sisters Jessica, seven, and Joni, one, have become resident librarians at their Bron Awelon home after mum Candy and dad Richard, 37, commissioned family member Dave Wells to build the cabinet and install it near the front wall.

The family were inspired to set up their branch after Mrs Wells’ sister-in-law Rachel Zeraschi's family did the same.

The Free Little Library idea is where passers-by donate and borrow books freely.

Mrs Wells, 36, said the new library had been greeted with enthusiasm by her previously non-book loving children, and members of the garden suburb.

She said: “The kids love going out to see what other people have put in and it’s bringing the community together.

She said neighbours, of all ages, were talking about the idea and there had been a constant supply of recipe, travel, children’s and joke books, which would otherwise gather dust on a shelf or end up in a charity shop.

“Books are important to me,” she said.

“It was an opportunity to see whether it would encourage my kids to pick up a book more.”

But although the Free Little Library suffered an initial setback, when its installation collapsed part of their front wall, it is now fulfilling its worth.

“Anyone can do it,” said Mrs Wells.

“And it doesn’t take much of an effort to set it up.

Romilly primary school pupil Jessica, who likes Slime and Dr Zeuss books, added: “They leave books and they take books.

"I like that.”