Proposals for a mixed development of flats and shops on Barry’s Thompson Street, to the rear of Holton Road, will be decided by the Vale Council’s Planning Committee later this month.

Described as the "construction of retail units with apartments above", the plans are for the vacant site on Thompson Street to the rear of 50 Holton Road, Barry, next to the Liberal Club. 

Barry Town Council have already objected to the plans, saying that it would be an “overdevelopment of the site”. 

Plaid Cymru councillor for the Castleland ward in Barry Docks, Cllr Millie Collins, said: “This piece of land is a mess and has been left in this state for many years, even though it was previously given planning permission in 2008 for shops and offices that were never built. 

“I want to see the site sorted out so it isn’t a total eyesore. 

“However, this new application is below standard, and Barry Town Council has already warned about the lack of a fire escape and lack of amenity space for new residents, as well as concerns about how shops would be serviced directly from Thompson Street. 

“I’m sure that the Vale Planning Committee members will join me in looking to get the best mix of developments that will improve the Holton Road and Thompson Street junction.”