LAST week I was delighted to meet with Barry campaigner Soraya Kelly to support her campaign #theglovesareon.

I first met Soraya on a Mother’s Day walk in Barry in memory of local campaigner Lesley Woolcock, who also did a huge amount of work to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

Soraya told me how her campaign seeks to promote early detection of cancer as well as raising awareness of all types of cancer.

Soraya is organising a charity ball and has recruited support for her campaign from Welsh sports personalities, politicians and community groups.

Soraya’s energy and commitment is truly inspiring!

See her twitter page for more info about #theglovesareon

I was also delighted to support the SAFE foundation last week.

SAFE was developed by inspiring Barry twins Lucy and Hannah Dickenson to develop small scale development projects across the world.

The charity has gone from strength to strength and recently opened a new shop in Cardiff.

Finally, ongoing action regarding the Barry incinerator has included a meeting between the Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) and Welsh Government officials on April 25 to discuss issues such as, the Environmental Impact Assessment, drainage, flooding, waste wood and air quality.

This follows my representations to the Welsh Government to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment on the second planning application as submitted by Biomass UK for the construction of a water tower and carpark at the plant on Woodham Road.

The Minister for Environment has agreed to consider this and I am pressing for decision timetables in Oral Questions in the Assembly.

I have also made representations to the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales who is reviewing how Natural Resources Wales grants Environmental Permits - which she has agreed will also include the Barry Biomass Incinerator.

I pay tribute to the people of Barry for their resilience and persistence in raising these issues and stepping up the campaign against the incinerator based on evidence of the adverse impact of this plant in the heart of our community.