A CAMPAIGN calling for a new 20mph speed limit through Sully has been launched.

Rod King MBE, founder and campaign director for the '20’s Plenty For Us' organisation joined a group of villagers in Sully on Tuesday to launch their campaign to introduce a lower speed limit in the village.

20’s Plenty for Sully argue that a 20mph limit will promote "road safety, quality of life, health and community cohesion".

The group believe that a 20mph speed limit will create safer roads, particularly for children and the elderly, encourage healthier lifestyles and help manage traffic levels.

The group also stress that 20mph will "strengthen community life, the village economy and Sully’s wider environment". 

Speaking at the launch, Mr King said: “Over 15 million British people now live on 20 mph roads.

"Visiting Sully and Swanbridge today, it is not difficult to see why the group is passionate to see a change to 20mph for their community.” 

Other supporters of the campaign include Rachel Maycock of Living Streets Cymru who said: “We fully support the 20’s Plenty for Sully campaign. 

"20 mph not only increases road safety, but also promotes more vibrant and liveable communities.”

 Patricia Sadka, a Sully resident said: “My husband and I moved to Sully over 50 years ago.

"Whilst my husband is now a wheelchair user, we both try to lead an active life, but this is now being limited by excessive speed and an increasing lack of respect for others from some drivers.

"We see the positive steps that they are already taking on 20mph in Cardiff.

"Switching Sully to 20mph can only be good for our village community and, frankly, our health.” 

20’s Plenty for Sully also has support from Gordon Hadfield, owner of two caravan parks, the Seashore Grill and On the Rocks.

He said: “A significant part of our business in Swanbridge revolves around active villagers who walk and cycle.

"It is clearly a virtue of the campaign that it promotes both the safety of our village community and the contribution of local business.” 

The campaign is being coordinated by Kaarina Ruta who lives in Sully with her husband and young family.

She said: “There is clearly a need to assemble the many voices who support 20mph for our community and petition the Vale of Glamorgan Council for a change.

"This will be our next step and we are encouraging everyone to get behind the campaign."

Visit www.sully.20splentyforus.org.uk for information.