CALLS for action have ensued following a Telecoms company’ appeal against the Vale council.

CTIL (Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited) had lodged a planning application for a 12.5m-high mast in front of the main entrance to the Knap Lake Gardens last year.

The Vale council had rejected the plan but the company has now gone to the planning inspector saying the authority failed to confirm the alternative option they presented - the nearby Bron y Mor car park.

The company said that the highways officer had agreed to allow an initial site visit to assess whether the site would be potentially viable. But the deal was not confirmed.

Vale council cabinet member for regeneration and planning, Cllr Jonathan Bird said the council was currently in discussions with CTIL over the possibility of placing a phone mast within Bron y Mor car park.

He said: “The result of site investigations were forwarded to the council in November and CTIL informed in December that in principle the council would accommodate the mast in this location. This is subject to a licence agreement being reached and the granting of planning approval.

“This matter has since been progressed as quickly as possible given the statutory processes that need to be carried out under law in such circumstances. Any deadline to go ahead with the proposal would be a private agreement and subject to both parties agreeing terms.”

Vale MP Alun Cairns has requested an “urgent” meeting with the phone company.

“Local residents understandably want better mobile signal,” he said. “But they also want to preserve the best features and character of the local area.

“We have to get the balance right: we have to find a better site for the mast.”

Baruc councillor, Steffan Wiliam said he had liaised with the applicant and council officers to organise a site meeting and he was present when it was agreed in principle.

He said: “The signal reach is better there and it’s unobtrusive – a win win situation for everybody concerned. If this is a failure of one department to adequately communicate with another then this must be addressed immediately and made right.”