A BARRY primary school has launched a £50,000 appeal aimed at bringing its outdoor spaces into the 21st century for community-wide use.

Romilly Primary School’s ambitious ‘play dough’ appeal comes after contractors moved on site to begin work on the school’s new nursery extension.

To accommodate the new buildings, the playground has been cleared and play equipment such as the train, musical instruments, and pirate ship cleared.

The facilities that had enabled pupils to have fun and develop their imagination through play are now gone.

But the loss of old equipment has provided a unique opportunity – a blank canvas to create modern facilities for pupils, staff, and the wider community to use.

Romilly, with 750 pupils, is the largest primary school in the Vale.

Romilly school governor John Hartland said: “The extension, made necessary by increased school numbers, has been at the sacrifice of many thousands of pounds of play equipment which the school is unable to replace.

“The school has therefore decided to start an appeal to raise £50, 000 to replace the items lost and upgrade the other play and sports equipment throughout the school.

“The school would like to enter into partnerships with firms, individuals and community groups to raise the money and materials to achieve their target; not only to purchase existing play equipment but to construct purpose-built structures reflecting the children’s imagination of what they would like.

“The children will be encouraged, in class, to participate in drawing and describing what they would like to see replacing the old equipment.”

It is hoped that play equipment, an all-weather surface, and nature trail can be included and staff and governors are inviting all to get involved – be they individuals, sponsors, companies, designers, and grant-making bodies.

It is hoped the facilities will suit all abilities and that sponsors would be recognised long-term on a wall.

Head teacher, Kelvin Law said: “We are excited about the new-build, but we want to replace our play equipment with something bespoke for our children and the community for all generations to follow.

“We would like to build it bigger and better. Barry and its children deserves the best and we can all strive for the best.”

For information, offers to help, and to get involved e-mail John