RESIDENTS in a Barry street have described their fears that wall debris falling into their properties will potentially result in someone being hurt.

Cadoxton’s Bastion Close occupants have dealt with a deteriorating quarry wall at the rear of their homes for more than a decade and are frustrated with the issue failing to not getting resolved.

Residents say they are not responsible for the retaining structure around the old quarry and they want the authority to make it safe.

A petition signed by 29 people was submitted to the Vale full council meeting last month illustrating the residents concerns and numerous methods of communication have taken place between all parties over many years.

The Bailey family – Aisha, Lloyd, and their young son say they have been unable to use their garden since moving into their home in 2014, not knowing masonry falls had previously occurred.

Grandmother Beverley Bailey, 51, of The Pastures, said she was concerned for her family.

Mr Bailey, 31, of Bastion Close, said: “The wall has been a problem since we moved in. I can’t even let my dog go out in the garden. It’s not stable.”

Mrs Bailey, 51, said: “Lloyd and Aisha have asthma and it would be nice for them to go out in the summer months. A huge chunk of the wall fell in 2015.”

Next-door-neighbour, Beth Totterdale, who rents her property to a family, added: “It has been a nightmare.

“The retaining structure started to noticeably deteriorate more than 10 years ago, it was recognised as an unsafe structure in 2008 by the Vale council.

“I met with the council a little over five years ago and was advised that they were aware of the situation and to my relief it would be resolved soon.

“A few months later Heras fencing was put into my garden, which was their way of keeping us safe. So safe that a huge section of the wall fell and crushed said fencing.”

A Vale council spokesman said: “This has proved to be an extremely complicated matter to resolve, chiefly because it was not easy to establish ownership of and responsibility for the structure.

“We are currently working with relevant owners to advise on matters relating to the legislation set out in the Building Act and the Council hopes matters can be resolved swiftly.”