A NINE-MONTH-OLD baby has inspired his father to host a singathon for a hospital charity, who helped his son after he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

Lewis Grech has inspired his dad Chris to raise money for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity in Cardiff.

Mr Grech hopes to raise more than £1,000 from the event, which will take place at Marco’s Café in Barry Island.

Lewis was born on May 21 with a rare genetic disorder called ‘Treacher Collins Syndrome’.

This affects the growth of bone and tissue in the face and Lewis was born without ears. He also has a cleft palate and a small jaw.

Lewis is moderately to severely deaf but is able to hear with the help of hearing aids.

Mr Grech said: “We hope to raise £1,000 from the event for the hospital charity. My wife and I are extremely grateful to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital who have saved Lewis’ life twice.

“When Lewis was born it was decided that he needed a tracheostomy as he wasn’t breathing properly in his sleep.

“After the operation the transformation was incredible.

“After being admitted again due to severe vomiting and failure to thrive, he also had a gastronomy and fundoplication.

“This procedure stopped his vomiting and allowed him to put weight on quickly which we were very happy about.

“The Noah's Ark Children’s Hospital is such a wonderful facility and we consider ourselves so lucky to only live a mile or two away.”

Mr Grech will host the singathon with his friend Matt, whose son George has also been a patient at the Noah’s Ark Hospital.

The singathon with be held at Marco’s Café in Barry Island from 10am to 3pm on Monday, May 28.

The duo will take to the stage taking it in turns to sing until they lose their voices – and will also be encouraging the crowd to join in.