THE final decision on the development of Jenner Park by Mike Parker Promotions Ltd, as a sports and entertainment stadium will be reached at a meeting of Barry Town Council on Monday, March 25.

At a special meeting of the Parks Committee last night (Wednesday), Mr Mike Parker answered a number of probing questions about his proposals, and members made it clear that they wanted the whole of the Town Council to make a decision.

Without discussion of the scheme, it was decided by five votes to three to recommend that the council into a three-year agreement with Mike Parker Promotions.

On the walls of the council’s chamber were plans and an artist’s impression of the grandiose scheme, which has been suggested in recent weeks, but in answering a 13-point questionnaire Mr Parker emphasised that plans to develop Jenner Park as a “mini-Wembley” were only possible if they got the necessary support.

In the course of his explanations, Mr Parker gave certain assurances as a result of prepared questions put to him by the chairman (Coun. Darwin Hinds) and members, but also made it clear that the development of Jenner Park would be phased.

Mr Parker made it clear that he was not intending to spend thousands of pounds before he used the stadium; as soon as the safety factors were taken care of, then they would start operations as soon as possible. He gave an assurance that Barry Town A.F.C would not be “moved out.”

If at the end of three years, the support did not justify them going ahead, then at least Jenner Park would be improved.

Replying to the deputy mayor (Coun. Brian Hutchings). Mr Parker said he could not give any guarantee of the type of entertainment, apart from side-car racing and stock-car racing. But anything he promoted would be with the approval of the corporation. He had not been able to discuss any projects yet with the Corporation as to what could take place on the field, as distinct from the track.

On the question of noise, particularly with regard to tuning-up and warming-up of motor cycle engines Mr Parker said the paddock would be sited in a position as far as possible from nearby houses.

A prepared question on carparking suggested that even with the proposed areas reserved for this purpose, there would still be 1,000 cars parked on nearby highways if there was an attendance of 10,000.

Mr Parker said they were working on an estimated attendance of between 5,000 and 6,000. There was a large area for parking within the stadium precincts, but if they could come to an arrangement with the corporation about the abattoir site, then they would have considerable parking. But it was not anticipated that the problem would be fully resolved; they had no parking areas at all at Newport.