A YOUNG Barry girl blood cancer is taking part in a new balloon walk to raise funds for charity.

Lola Owens, aged 10, and her family are taking part in the five mile Bloodwise Balloon walk from Cliff Parade in Penarth on Sunday, April 29

She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of four, having had no previous symptoms of being unwell other than a bad stomach and pins and needles in her legs

During the first few weeks of treatment, Lola's body was not responding as anticipated.

Lola’s mum Lisa Owens was told to prepare for the worst.

She said: "No parent should ever have to hear those words,

"Defying all predictions Lola pulled through, though she had lost the use of her legs for a period of time and had to be learn again how to walk. Lola has now been off treatment for six years and has had the all clear”.

The Wales Balloon Walk will begin at Cliff Parade and the five mile route will take in the coast around Penarth, with views over the Bristol Channel to the islands of Steep Holm and Flat Holm

Ms Owens added: “We will be forever grateful to the amazing nurses and oncologists at the Heath Hospital but equally grateful to the unseen people who research the treatment available for these blood cancers and it is with such gratitude that we are delighted to raise funds for Bloodwise in an attempt to further improve treatments made available to anyone suffering from these diseases in the future”.

Ben Sykes, regional manager for Wales says: “We are delighted to be holding the Balloon Walk at Cliff Parade in Penarth. We are hoping this event can be the beginning of more opportunities for other such events in the area; it will be a great event friends and families alike and everyone can get involved"