BIOMASS UK No.2 Ltd is set to begin operating next week following Natural Resources Wales’ (NRW) announcement that it has granted an environmental permit.

The company says it is a “step forward in bringing renewable energy generation to Barry.”

The Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG), politicians, and residents opposed the plant, being built at Woodham Road, in Barry Dockland, saying it would present fire, traffic, pollution, and health hazards.

But Welsh Government environmental regulator NRW, following three public consultations and meetings with Vale AM Jane Hutt and DIAG, granted the operating licence on Wednesday, February 7.

The company said the Barry Renewable Energy project is a 10MWe renewable power plant that converts waste wood into electricity.

The project, it claimed, has a number of benefits for the community, namely the supply of renewable electricity for households and local businesses.

It said it will supply the energy needs of approximately 23,600 households, which is sufficient for the population of Barry.

Commissioning will start on Monday, February 12.

A company spokeswoman said: “The commissioning process is to test all equipment before the plant can start generating energy. It will take up to four months to complete this rigorous testing during the day time.

“We would like to assure the local community of our commitment to meeting the highest environmental and safety standards throughout the life-cycle of the project.

“The plant will only use non-hazardous waste woodchip that would otherwise be disposed by other means - landfilling etcetera.

“Furthermore, the technology is recognised and encouraged by the UK Government as being an efficient means of generating power.

“We will provide regular updates to the local community on the commissioning process and operations as we move forward.”

The Barry Renewable Energy Project received planning consent in July 2015 and construction began in December 2015.

There is likely to be some intermittent noise and some steam (water vapour) rising from the plant.

The company will work in conjunction with the principal environmental Health Officer at Vale of Glamorgan Council and NRW.