THE family of a young man whose rare condition leaves him permanently bound to a wheelchair, unable to talk and suffering from an uncontrollable need to self-harm, are seeking support to help fund a new adapted vehicle for his needs.

Kaine Raisis, 20, of Colcot Road in Barry, was born with a complex hereditary condition known as Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, which causes learning difficulties and muscle spasms and is also associated with a compulsion to self-harm. As a result, Mr Raisis has to be restrained to his wheelchair at all times and wears a gumshield to prevent him from biting himself.

While Kaine is eligible for the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment, designed to help disabled people manage transport costs, this does not cover the various adaptations he requires. Kaine’s father, Darren Raisis, 43, believes this would cost the family well in excess of £15,000.

Despite the determination of Mr Raisis and Kaine’s mother, Carrie, to manage the financial burden of Kaine’s condition themselves, it has proven impossible for them to raise the money needed, particularly with Mr Raisis having to act as Kaine’s full-time carer.

As a result, the couple’s niece, Jade Wainwright, has now started a campaign to help her relatives raise the money needed to ensure that Kaine can get around safely and stay in college.

She hopes to raise around £10,000 to help fund the vehicle, which would be specially adapted to enable Kaine’s chair to be easily and safely transported. While Kaine currently has an adapted vehicle, which his parents funded themselves, he has now outgrown it and it is not specifically designed for his needs.

Mr Raisis said that despite having their reservations about the fundraiser, both he and his wife were hugely grateful to those who had donated so far.

“We can’t afford all these things, it’s a struggle really.

“Me and my wife, we’re stubborn, we hate asking for help, but my niece started it and we can’t stop it so we’ve just gone along with it.

“Kaine’s a happy person, he’s always smiling, but something like this would make it a lot easier.”

Ms Wainwright has also organised a public fundraising disco at Glamorgan Wanderers in Ely on Saturday, February 24. To buy tickets or donate to the fundraiser, click here.