THREE book-loving children wanting to share their love of reading have set up a community library outside their home.

Nine-year-old Lorenzo Zeraschi, his sister Sofia, six, and two-year-old brother Matteo’s Little Free Library has proved popular with people who have joined in the swapping scheme by taking children’s and adult books and leaving one in return.

Appreciative passers-by have also left the children notes and small tokens of gratitude.

The All Saints C/W primary school pupils came up with the idea after seeing a similar library in Bastogne, Belgium, when they went for a trip last November.

The children’s grandfather Dave Wells constructed the two-shelf unit which is placed by the front wall and holds up to 60 books.

There have been so many contributions that some have to be held in a bag for storage before claiming a shelf space.

Sofia said: “We thought it was a really good idea and it would be nice for people to come and swap the books.”

Lorenzo added that they had advertised the project by putting a small poster he designed through doors and his mum, Rachel posted it on social media.

He said: “I would be happy to get some Captain Underpants books.

“People put children’s and adult’s books in, cards, and there has been a candle-holder and homemade jam.

“We are trying to get more books.

“People love the idea.”