A TAXI driver was robbed and cut with a blade in Barry on Tuesday evening, in what appears to have been a planned attack.

First Line Taxis, the employers of driver Abduljabbar Anwar, 32, received a call shortly before 7.30pm from a man asking to be picked up from 20 Ogmore Place in Gibbonsdown.

But having arrived to collect his passenger, Mr Anwar soon realised the address he had been given did not actually exist.

The would-be customer had also called the firm from a withheld number.

Out of nowhere however, Mr Anwar says a man then appeared and got into the back of the taxi.

Mr Anwar's brother, Sam, who was first on the scene after the incident says the man asked Mr Anwar if he was going to Tesco on Main Street. Mr Anwar replied he was, and reached out to move the gear stick into reverse.

Sam Anwar, 27, speaking on behalf of his brother said: "The moment he went to put his hand on the gear stick, the guy grabbed hold of his hand, and in his other hand he had a blade – like a barbecue fork, only sharper and longer.

"He pressed the blade into his arm and swore at him and said give me all your money."

Left with no choice, Mr Anwar handed his assailant the money - at most around £50 - before calling his brother for help.

"He called me and said 'what should I do'? I told him to ring the police and said I’m coming over now," said Mr Anwar.

"He was shocked. He’s never experienced something like this. We are trying to do a public service for people."

While Abduljabbar Anwar was taken to hospital as a precaution, he suffered no significant injuries in the attack.

A statement issued by South Wales Police said: "We are investigating the aggravated robbery of a taxi driver which occurred in Ogmore Place at approximately 7.30pm on November 7.

"The victim sustained a minor injury to his arm which is believed to have been caused by a sharp instrument.

"An investigation is underway to identify the man involved. Anybody with information is urged to contact 101, quoting reference 433728, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

The suspect is described as white, slim, clean-shaven and in his mid-20s.