BARRY Island’s 100ft Ferris Wheel is currently being dismantled at the Barry Island Pleasure Park site following a dispute with the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Fairground owner Henry Danter conceded that the 100ft Ferris Wheel did not have planning permission, acknowledging the Vale council was correct in citing more up-to-date legislation which said authorisation was needed for any structure above 80ft high.

A Barry Island Pleasure Park spokeswoman said: “It’s being taken down as ordered by the council.”

Mr Danter, 74, said he did not want to risk the possibility of a £50,000 fine from a magistrates court if a 14 day deadline for removal of the Barry High was not met.

It was designed and constructed by Henry Danter’s son Harry, having been made in Italy and brought to Barry Island from its initial location in Symonds Yat.

Mr Danter says his planned £22m plus investment, over five years, is now in doubt - including an ice-rink this December - following the council’s stance.

The Vale council was scheduled to meet with Mr Danter at 2pm on Tuesday, November 7.