THE group hoping to stop Biomass UK No. 2 Ltd getting an operating licence have held a Hallowe’en 'Pop-up' protest against the incinerator.

Motorists passing the Barry Dock Offices were treated to the grisly spectacle of spooky Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) Hallowe’en characters protesting against the plant.

DIAG chairman, Alexis Liosatos said the ghostly ghouls, young and old, assembled at the foot of the David Davies statue to make their protest in the land of the living.

Mr Liosatos said motorists motorists were not disturbed by the ghastly spectacle, but showed solidarity with the spooks by tooting their horns as they passed by.

Leader of the demonic demonstrators, Dr Toxic said: "The people of Barry should not be afraid of us. The people of Barry should be much more afraid of the giant Incinerator being built in their town, without their permission. So far we have gathered 12,000 signatures of living souls in Barry who feel the same way that we do. We hope our protest serves as a warning to the people of Barry to rise up and protest against the incinerator before it is too late."

Permitting service manager for Natural Resources Wales, John Wheadon said the high level of public interest had been recognised, but there were no further developments.

He said: “Our assessment of all the evidence submitted and responses to the consultations is ongoing, and we’ll make our decision once we’ve considered all the information thoroughly.

“If we’re minded to issue a permit for this facility, then this will be subject to a further public consultation exercise.”