A MEETING of Barry&Vale Friends of the Earth will be in the Castle Hotel, Jewel Street, Barry, at 7.30pm on Tuesday, November 7.

The group has objected to the proposed dumping of radioactive mud from the Hinckley Point Nuclear Station, to the waters off Barry and Cardiff.

Barry&Vale FoE co-ordinator, Keith Stockdale said: “If the next reactor is built with Chinese money at Hinckley, it will be one of the most expensive single objects on the planet and will still not answer our future energy needs. Meanwhile, Green energy projects, from tidal power to railway electrification are cancelled or given little funding.

“Instead of truly a Green energy project our councillors and government agreed to put a Biomass incinerator on our Dock. A plant which would operate at about 20 per cent efficiency, contribute to Global warming and add to the pollution of the air we breathe. As the incinerator nears completion, we can all see that it dominates the townscape from any angle and for miles around. Perhaps some of the councillors who agreed to this monstrosity will ask what they have done.

Barry&Vale Foe trust that the new council administration will continue to state their disagreement with the incinerator and will do all they can to assist the Docks Incinerator Action Group, FoE and concerned members of the public in opposing an operational licence being given for the Incinerator by Natural Resources Wales. The FoE group is raising particular concerns over fires and flooding whilst DIAG continue to pound NRW and the company with questions for which there seem to be no answer. So many unanswered questions that NRW should 'be minded' to declare the application null, void, and 'dropped' from any further consideration.

“The DIAG group has worked tirelessly to oppose the incinerator and prevent a licence being given, linking up with anti-Incinerator groups nationally and world-wide.

“It was good to see the group in their Halloween costumes, demonstrating by the statue of David Davies. No doubt they will want to let off a few fireworks if NRW do the right thing and refuse to issue a licence.”