HERE we take a look at some of your views on our stories from social media and our website over the last week.

‘Owner of dogs found in “horrendous” condition gets four year ban’

Animal lovers were appalled by the condition that American Bulldogs Kia and Rocky were left in by their owner, Sophie Tooms, who was banned from keeping dogs for four years.

  •  Cathryn Mullins said on Facebook: "The sentences for animal abuse are absurd. Jail terms should apply as they would if you abuse a vulnerable person."
  •  Sue George agreed: "This is not justice - she should be banned from owning dogs for life."
  •  And Kirstie Merrett added: "Absolutely diabolical sentence, She should have a life time ban!!!"

‘Anger as town hall war memorial is vandalised’

News that the town hall memorial had been graffitied caused many readers to express their shock and disappointment at the perpetrators lack of respect.

  •  Philip Boucher wrote : Some very sad individuals who have no respect whatsoever. Should be locked up."
  •  Aly Hemlock added: "I hope to see the offenders scrubbing it off in full public view ASAP!"
  •  And Val Gatt agreed, saying: "Disgusting I hope whoever did it gets found and punished severely."

‘Woman, 80, stable after being hit by car’

Finally there was relief as news came through that an 80-year-old woman hit by a car on Jenner road was to be released from hospital.

  •  Ceri Jayne Duroe said: "Wow hope she's okay. Someone posted that she hadn't made it but glad they were wrong."
  •  Claire Lewis passed on her best wishes, saying: "Hope she makes a full and speedy recovery."
  •  And Georgia Pride added: "Thank god she was alright."