BARRY town council had decided to make a bid for industrial development at the SRD site in Sully which had been unoccupied for about four years.

The council’s decision came after the Secretary of State for Wales sanctioned a loan of £300,000.

It was relinquished by the army a year previously.

It was taken over by the Board of Trade who were seeking to let the spacious well-serviced depot for industrial purposes.

Firms had folded up in Cardiff due to the “squeeze” so the outlook was favourable.

The stumbling block was that Barry, like Cardiff, relied heavily on investment grants and that was a heavy liability.

The problem was considered “in secret” at a special meeting of the town council on September 15, after it resolved to exclude a Barry & District News reporter.

The minutes showed that the mayor referred to certain developments which had recently taken place regarding the site and it was resolved that an application was made, to the Secretary of State, bidding for the land.

Discussions would continue but the council said no statement would be released and no decision had been made – despite the wording of the minute.

It was understood that during the three-hour meeting there was opposition to the proposal.